Team rules

The team agreed on the following rules:

Meeting related:

  • There will be one meeting every week with team coach Stefan Pellfolk (and Annika Glader as needed)
  • Chairmen uploads the agenda for the next meeting at least 24h before the next meeting
  • Secretary uploads MoM (Minutes of Meeting), a summary of the last meeting, within 3 days after a meeting
  • A 5-minute rule occurs to all the meetings
  • During the meeting, instant messaging is forbidden
  • Informing others about absenteeism is a must
  • There will be at least one meeting every week for discussing issues and splitting up new tasks


Task related:

  • The work will be spitted up equally and according to interest of each team member (as far as possible)
  • Everybody follows the timetable and tasks on the given schedule/agenda/checklist
  • There will be a weekly peer review which means that every work being done bill be checked by another person giving feedback
  • The working language is English


Platforms and software:

  • The agenda and MoM’s are uploaded on OneDrive
  • The platform to share information and documents is Office 365
  • The platform for the project planning is GanttProject

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