Business idea

The overall aim of the business model is to decrease plastic packages in grocery stores. Three possibilites of how to mange it are workes out:

Business idea 1: package-free store

The overall concept of this store is that all products offered are unpackaged and the customer can buy any amount of a certain product. There are several sale options for different products as well as various package systems to carry the shopping.


Business idea 2: delivery service

Customers order their products in the desired amount online. The company will than collect these items from the wholesalers (not from the supermarkets as there all products are already packaged), put it in reusable packages and deliver it to the end user. At the same time with the delivery, the used packages from former orders will be picked up at the customers place and cleaned to “shop” with them again.
The material wrapping the order products need to be reusable or biodegradable.


Business idea 3: retailer company

The reusable package solution will be offered to producers/ manufacturers and retailers, for usage by the final customer. Manufacturers and retailers will not buy the products but rent them, like Euro pallets. Customers can return products to a recycle station as the ones in Finland for the deposit-refund ‘pantti’ system. The goal would be to create a standardization of packaging on the market.



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