The European Project Semester (EPS) is a multi-national programme that is offered by 18 universities in 12 countries within Europe. The target groups are students studying in the field of engineering as well as students from other faculties.


The basic motivation for establishing such a system is globalization. The ongoing integration within Europe demands young and trained professionals. Aside from the core skills there is also a need for expertise in the fields of cross cultural communication, social skills, team skills, etc. As the project teams are multi-disciplinary and multi-national, EPS provides the opportunity to train both parts, the education part and the multi-cultural team working part.


Beside working on a (local) given project in teams there are also courses such as teambuilding, project management, the Strengthfinder workshops, English academic writing and the local language Swedish.


The working language for all oral and written communication during the semester is English.

Current projects?

In the autum semster in 2017 a total of 17 students from Finland, France, Germany, the Netherlands and Spain attend the EPS program at Novia University of Applied Sciences in Vaasa, Finland. The topics offered in the autumn semester 2017 are:



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